Dream&Charme was born in 2006 from the experience of the Founders, Giorgio Caire di Lauzet and Monica Mazzucchelli, that since 1999 has been enhancing private Italian Dwellings supporting and promoting 500+ villas and castles to be ready to be rented and managing the bookings as tour operator.

Since 2000 every guest of villas requests to Dream&Charme to organize also some special experiences around the villa. On 2008 Dream&Charme design the first top experience in Italy requested by a group of partners of an important American fund. It was a success…with an incredible review on Washington Post…

Since 2008 we designed and realized almost 100 experiences for YPOers, banks management and top clients, top fashion brands, funds, listed companies, etc. and in effect we shared our passions for Fine dining, Supercars, Helicopters, Golf, Top wines, etc.

On 2020 Dream&Charme became the first International Certification Body accredited officially by Accredia to certify accommodations globally and we decide to create a separated company dedicated only for unique experiences and continue this activities.

On 2021 we created DREAM&CHARME EXPERIENCES who is working at the moment “by invitation only”.

On 2018 we created also a special brand with some partners to work together on some special projects, this brand is AMAZER.

Monica Mazzucchelli is now dedicated to her deep passion for sustainability, he work for medium and companies with her team called: CONSULNET (www.consulnet.it)