Dream&Charme was born in 2006 from the experience of the Founders, Giorgio Caire di Lauzet and Monica Mazzucchelli, that since 1999 has been enhancing private Italian Dwellings.

Dream&Charme represents today a network of over 500 Estates and a community of owners who give to special guests the opportunity to live their villas and castles as the owner for a week or different periods.

Dream&Charme is worldwide recognized as a leading company promoting exclusive properties and unique experiences.

Nowadays Dream&Charme is high profile hospitality leader in Italy and it has been selected by TRAVEL + LEISURE U.S.A. among the top 10 in the world. Dream&Charme is the only reality that gathers dwellings’ private owners, experiences and products.

Dream&Charme is committed every day in searching and selecting the best that Italy can offer, promoting the Italian Lifestyle, famous all over the world and it has become one of the company leader of the Italian Lifestyle, through its three Directions:  Villas & Castles, Top Experience and Shop Online.


Dream&Charme dwellings are selected for their excellences such as history, tradition, innovation and design. They are perfectly preserved by their owners that decided to make them available for stays and events.

With its selection of Villas and Castles, Dream&Charme represents a new and one-of-a-kind offer for both Italian and International guests, allowing them to appreciate the unique characteristics of each Dwelling within their own wonderful Italian area.

Dream&Charme is an «Affiliation Company», a successfully model adopted by 5 stars hotels: Dream&Charme is the first international organisation dedicated exclusively to high profile private dwellings («Dream&Charme Dwellings») selecting them through a rating of more than 600 parameters.


Dream&Charme offers to its clients the unique opportunity to live unforgettable experiences, events or stays in exclusive locations. Each experience was  especially created for those who want to experience the unique essence of Italy, impossible to find on the Internet: every activity was designed and tested in every detail by Dream&Charme in order to turn it into an extraordinary experience.

Dream&Charme usually design exclusive and bespoke experiences for demanding private guests or to key clients of international Companies.


The Online Shop offers a selection of products representing Dream&Charme Dwellings Lifestyle (from fragrances to furniture, from accessories to food & wine); the website is constantly updated and it has three levels of access: one for public, one reserved to guests of Dream&Charme Dwellings and one reserved to owners of Dream&Charme Dwellings

It is therefore possible for everyone to buy most of all produtcs of this selection and to have at home the products that have been selected by Dream&Charme or by owners of the most beautiful Italian dwellings.

Dwelling’s guests have the chance to extend their holiday experience in Italy buying the products they appreciated during their stay in Dream&Charme Dwellings or during Top Experience.

Owners can have several services and products especially dedicated to their dwellings in order to improve quality, safety, comfort and uniqueness.