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Designed by Poggi, one of the leading Architects of the 18th Century in Florence, decorated with great flair in its owner’s, personal, eclectic contemporary-classic style, this beautiful family home rises from landscaped Italian gardens in expansive grounds, outside Impruneta, fifteen minutes south of Florence. It is the ideal villa … more

Cristalline and emerald wates with contrastinf granite rocks are elements of the natural beauties wich have inbspired the realization of the one of the best villas in the well known Smeralda Coast. The park of 12.000 m2 surrounds the villa with the typical vegetation of sardinia; perfectly integrated in the landscape of the garden there are two swimming pools … more

Located on the shore of lake Maggiore. It was completely restored in 2002 maintaining its original splendor. The Villa is surrounded by a private park that leads to its own beach. A patio is also available for very special dinners with an impressive panorama on the hills and mountains ending in the lakewith external lighting … more